a moment of silence

I was thinking about Robert Altman’s passing today. I’m not in the habit of mourning those I don’t know – and sick as it sounds, I even have trouble slowing down to mourn those I have known. I realized today that when I heard about a colleague’s memorial service this weekend I automatically started calculating whether I would have the time and energy to go.

Just as I think it’s important to mark celebrations and beginnings, it’s important to mark deaths, so it doesn’t just slip into the everyday with paying bills and going to soccer practice. I want to take a little time, get dressed, make an appearance, and show her family that she was loved and respected by her friends and colleagues. She really did make me feel good – better – every time we met.

Yes Kathy, I am thinking of you and for you I will go somewhere I have never gone before: a Jehovah’s Witness Hall on Saturday to honor your passing. Rest in peace.

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