Letter to Self

Every year at Not-Back-To-School Camp, I make time with my advisees to write a letter to our future selves – to be mailed by camp six months down the road. It’s a way of carrying those special weeks forward.

I got my letter today:

“Last day of Camp

Myrtlewood, Sept 2013

Hello Me,

Third year of camp over the span of 12 years and I can really feel the difference of coming more deeply into myself. I’m not so worried what people think and more able to be receptive and connect.

I loved that Chad and Christian got to be here this year. Chad and I started the session rushed and irritable and now feel loving and relaxed. Taking the time and space to take care of myself: Downtime, morning time to regroup for the day, time outside, exercise, really helped to make me grounded and clear-eyed versus emotional and snippy.

I would have loved to have given more physical attention and cuddling to the campers, but it’s harder to do with teenagers. Enjoy those Forest Kinder kids. So cuddly.

C loves it here, especially the creek. I love being here – the location, perhaps even more than the reason.

This is the year to work on Chad’s book. DO IT. Personal stuff is important.

Lots of sleep

Raven cawing overhead.

Yellow frog in hand

Enormous myrtle marked

Art conversations with Tilke

Girl time with Abbi

Baking with Rosa

Good people. Keep carving out space for myself. SIMPLIFY. DO LESS. DO MORE. HAVE LESS TO TAKE CARE OF.

Love you!”

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