The World’s Largest Photograph

The following information came from The Orange County Great Park Corporation. They made a camera out of an airplane hangar!
The Legacy Project Photographers:    Jerry Burchfield, Mark Chamberlain, Jacques Garnier, Rob Johnson, Douglas McCulloh, and Clayton Spada.

The Legacy Project photographers to reveal their secrets on a remarkable photographic project that created the world’s largest camera to produce the world’s largest photograph.

The Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that the giant camera and 2,500 square-foot photograph (World’s Largest Photograph) warrants consideration as a new world record; the rigorous Guiness Book certification process is currently underway.

The process of creating this camera and photograph represents a significant historical event. Based upon the Camera Obscura (Latin for ‘dark room’) principal of the original design from which all cameras evolved, an actual airplane hangar was turned into a gigantic camera obscura by The Legacy Project.

The gigantic photograph, which is three stories high by eleven stories long, memorializes a central part of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro as it begins its transformation into Heritage Fields, and the Orange County Great Park.

This one-of-a kind hand-coated photographic print on fabric shows the former Marine Air Station air control tower, runways, the coastal hills, and the open expanse that will become the heart of the Orange County Great Park.

The World’s Largest Photograph was produced with the support of the Orange County Great Park Corporation, the Lennar Corporation, the City of Irvine, Calif., the Great Park Conservancy, Photomation, Dunn Edwards Paints, Burgess North American, Matich Corporation, Best Value Roofing, Royal Power Sweeping, United Rentals, Tony Long, and Freestyle Photographic Supplies.

Sunday, December 10, 2006 at 1:00 P.M.

Laguna Art Museum
307 Cliff Drive
Laguna Beach, California  92651

For more information on the Lecture or The Great Picture, contact the Laguna Art Museum at 949- 494-8971 or Jerry Burchfield at 714-292-6170.

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