Take note: it is not healthy to make the stakes too high. My boyfriend went for TWO hour-long runs today, in order to maintain his lead. And I, well, I ate zero-point soup all day. I totaled in at -5 and he came in at -6. I guess he really wants that new DVD player. It was unwise for me to disclose my strategy in yesterday’s post.
I had two little boys come to my door today to borrow a cup of brown sugar. I gave them some brown sugar, some cheese and cracker snacks and introduced them to Rattina. Not ten minutes later, the doorbell rang again. This time it was the two sisters (very strong family resemblance) and with a gift of homemade goat cheese! Later this evening, just after I got home from yoga, the doorbell rang yet again. The two boys were back with a plate of homemade peanut butter cookies (made with my brown sugar). So, I had to have one. That’s why I am -5 and not -6 points today.

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