deals on excellent cookware

I think I have a general grasp of the scoop on good cookware.

Chad and I were shopping for a 10-inch fry pan and came up against the $99 All Clad and the $49 Emeril pan: big difference in price for pans that looked virtually identical. I learned that the All Clad is expensive, one because it is made in the States and also because it has tri-ply contruction, which means a layer of alumininum sandwiched between two layers of stainless from top to bottom. The Emerilware has that special construction only on the bottom of the pan.

I was about to resignedly buy the inferior pan when the salewoman whisked me around the corner and suggested a $29 pan by Calphalon. Now Calphalon has basically the same quality as All Clad, however they outsource the labor. On the other hand, their prices are typically only slightly lower – so why the dramatic drop for the 10-inch fry pan?

Calphalon has a very smart marketing strategy where they offer several “try me” pieces at a reduced rate to encourage people to try their brand. So the 10-fry pan and the low 3-quart sauce pan are both sold for $29 at less than half their value. I had to restrain myself from buying 3-4 of each.

Any more Christmas gifts you need to buy? (I don’t get a cut…) By the way, we were shopping at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

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