a job for joe

Joe – this is a project I don’t think I will get to New York to see and I was wondering if you would go and tell me about it. It is a public art work only until January 14, 2006 and it is open all the time. There is a telescope you look through into another office building. There will be objects (changed daily) in the window which will be code for a message. The code translator book will be next to the telescope.

Just in case you are interested in going, here are the directions from the public art fund site:

The telescope will be installed on the northeastern corner of One Chase Manhattan Plaza, which is bordered by Pine, Liberty, Nassau and William Streets in Lower Manhattan. Stairways entrances to the plaza are located on Pine Street (at William Street), on Nassau Street (at Cedar Street), and on William Street (at Cedar Street). This exhibition is free and open to the public at all times. Subways: 2, 3 to Wall Street; 4, 5 to Wall Street; J, M, Z to Broad Street.”

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