carat, cut, clarity, and color

So we’re shopping.

I did consider other stones, especially after I heard about the marketing that led to the indoctrination of “diamonds are forever” into American culture – but it is hard to argue with the top of the hardness scale. Emeralds and rubies are just not as satisfying. Maybe I’ve just been sucked in. Then there was the whole issue of blood diamonds that I had to work through. It was horrifying to hear about the victims in Angola and Sierra Leone getting their hands chopped off, but now it is possible to get diamonds that are completely documented from Canada, which is what we are planning on doing.

We have been browsing online: blue nile diamonds, Tiffany’s, Robbins Bros.

A friend recommended the designs of Cathy Waterman at (I looked at every single ring there!), Vera Wang jewelry, and Barney’s as a good place to look for ideas.

I have two leads for the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles, where apparently you can get a great deal for a loose diamond.

Ritz Jewelers (Hampy)
625 S. Hill St # 101

Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 624-7664


Loyal Jewelry (Michael, Ben, or Lupe)
608 S. Hill Street Plaza 701

Los Angeles, CA 90014

(213) 622-9696

We’ve hit every jewelry store on the El Paseo strip in Palm Desert, just to get a feel for things. We did come across one guy who makes and designs platinum diamond jewelry, but Chad thought it looked like blobby spaceships. I’ve also spent some time sitting and listening to a salesman at Ben Bridge Jewelry. Basically, the sales folk just try to convince you to buy the biggest diamond possible with little regard to the other 3 C’s.

We’re looking for an ideal cut, SV range, nearly colorless, less-than-a-carat diamond. The whole ring with the diamond needs to come in under $3000. Any ideas or tips?

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