dad's carrot ruse works again

Remember the $100 my dad offered to anybody in the family who would read The Purpose Driven Life by the end of Janauary?

Well, look who ended up finishing first:

“hi grandpa
i just wanted to let you know that i finished the purpose driven life
it was very good
thank you for pointing it out to me
i love you

And then Bella and I had a little argument. See, we have a standing tradition that when she receives money as a gift, half goes into the bank and she can spend the other half on clothes and make-up. Well, she reasoned that this $100 was not a gift and she should be able to use all of it – especially she said, because she already knew what she was going to spend it on.

Then, my dad responded and solved the dilemma:

“Hi Bella,
Congratulations! bella. I am most impressed. Honestly you weren’t
expected to be the first to read that book. I noticed your talent in
writing from your essays that you sent me at Christmas and now also
noticed you love reading books. That’s great!

As promised, a check of $100 plus $100 for being the first will be in
mail soon.
Please tell me if it changed you or your view on God in any way.

Sigh. I am raising a butt-kisser and a Christian.

I am only on Day 17 and I have get to Day 40 in seven days (like Bella I already know what I want to spend the $100 on). It’s not Warren’s religion that is difficult to stomach, but his unflagging smile that you can hear through his turn of phrase.

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