how not to gain weight

Once the weight is off, the next hard part is keeping it off. Chad and I are still feeling good about our weight but both of us are gradually putting it back on. See, the downside of doing a renegade weight watcher’s is that we don’t have all the pieces of the program (the upside being that it is FREE).

So, I ambushed a weight watcher’s expert today at work and asked about the maintenance plan. Remember how if you weigh up to 150 pounds you can eat 20 points a day and lose 2-3 pounds a week? (Over 150 pounds and you can eat 24 points per week.) Well, once you reach your goal weight, this is the maintenance plan:

Once you reach your goal weight, you add one point to your daily points each week until your weight stabilizes. So, I eat 21 points a day for a week – assess – then eat 22 points a day for a week – and so on; my weight watcher’s friend thinks that 24 points maintains a stable weight for her.

So freaking logical – why didn’t I think of it myself? I know why; it’s because I wanted to believe that eating 30 points a day would be maintenance for me…well, with a half hour of running I guess that makes 27 points, which is not far from 30 points. I guess.

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