sibling one-upmanship

This is my brother who is single and childless:

“sorry for late reply. i was in chicago yesterday. (left office at 10pm tuesday night to take red-eye to chicago. arrived 6am wednesday. interviewed kids at business school all day. took a flight back to sf landing at 10pm. came back too ffice and worked until 4am to send materials to client. went home, slept, and then woke up for 7:30am conference call this morning). last week had first all nighter of new year. hopefully feb will be better. ”

This is me (single mom):

Stayed up until 2am typing in changes to the thesis intro. Woke up at 5:45 am (as usual) to get to work by 7am. Worked at school until 2 pm. Ran a data team analysis with the 7th grade teachers 2:30- 5pm. Shot home to meet two friends and did Bikram yoga in the living room at 5:30pm. Made dinner for everybody (matzah ball soup, turkey burgers with wilted spinach, and rice – chocolate for dessert). Stayed up until midnight to finish reading the book I promised my dad I would read by the end of January (made it).

Slightly less crazy, but still over the top. My whole family is like this…

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