typical job interview schedule in academia

Songbae’s girlfriend has her Ph.D. and is in the process of looking for a job. Anybody need an ethnomusicologist? Here is her recent job interview schedule (it’s scary to think about having to teach a class in front of your prospective employer!):

Day 1
9:45 Hotel pick-up by Dean
10:00 Orientation meeting with Dean
11:00 Meet with Search Committee
12:00 Lunch with committee and interested faculty members
1:30 Presentation (lecture, demonstration, and/or performance (30 –
45 minutes)
2:30 Meet with interested students
3:30 Meet with Associate Dean for Administration
4:30 Meet with retiring World Music instructor
5:30 Dinner with committee (meet at front desk)

Day 2
9:15 Hotel pick-up by Dean
9:40 Teach musicianship class (30 minutes) on a World Music topic of
your choosing:
10:30 Meet with Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
11:30 Exit interview with Dean; return to airport.

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