wedding progress

Just to balance out last night’s black post I thought I’d list some of the wedding planning that has been accomplished.

1. Chad’s getting a 4 mm platinum wedding band (size eight) from He thought he was a gold man, but changed his mind when he tried on rings at the local jeweler. We didn’t plan it this way, but now his band will match my engagement/wedding ring. And as much as I want to support local business, the local store said his ring would be $1500-$2000 and we can get the same ring at for $700.

2. We’ve finalized the wedding ceremony and reception guest list. The wedding ceremony will be attended by family in Joshua Tree National Park. The next night will be a big party with Korean BBQ (at my house). We created three excel worksheets (does it always have to be three? is it possible to add a fourth worksheet?- couldn’t do it, though I tried) One lists all the invites by household with columns for names, # of adults, # of children, and the mailing address. Another will keep track of gifts and thank-you cards and the third is a guest list is for my shower (!!) which a friend has started to plan.

3. The bridal shower will not involve any games – or at least none that involve clothpins or toilet paper. Looks like it will be a raucous camp-out in the spring. Whooping around a campfire, tearful story-telling, booze, and lots of hugs and love in the outdoors.

4. One hundred pale grey drawstring organza bags arrived in the post yesterday. Thanks Sue!

5. My brother, sister, and I have decided to pitch in together and get airline tix so a favorite auntie and her son can attend the wedding.

6. The first installment of stationary has arrived. Save-the-date cards will be sent shortly. Envelopes are “sage” and the cards are “cement.”

7. We’ve started cleaning the yard (= we planted the christmas tree…) I’ve also had some thoughts about renting or borrowing a tractor to level the backyard and building a retaining wall. Possibly too ambitious and/or expensive, although a contractor friend said it would add value to the house.

8. I’ve started stocking up on the alcohol; each trip to Costco I pick up another bottle of booze. The first purchase was Blue Sapphire gin.

9. Got a lead on a cake-maker.

10. Inquired about flowers at the local market, just because driving to Los Angeles the day of my wedding for flowers seems like it might need a plan B. The local flower guy says that he can’t drop the price, but his prices are good so $200 would buy me eight 5-gallon buckets full of seasonal flowers.

Here are the flowers I got from the flower guy this last weekend. He grows them all himself. (I am continually impressed with the quality of photo I get from my razr!)

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