blogging about money

I have been toying with the idea of blogging about my finances ever since I read about Jane Dough in Boston, who literally posts her net worth every month. I’ve also been inspired by my friend and fellow blogger Tiffany who has been pulling her family’s finances together (more privately) so that she can remain an at-home mom with her baby girls. Now I’ve come across an interesting article in the Feb. 18, 2007 Sunday NYTimes called “Debtors Search for Discipline via Blogs.” (See the article here.)

I think I’m going to do it – talk about money – my money. Raised in a middle-class family (okay, upper middle-class… okay, some would call it wealthy… but I swear when I was there and living it, we all called it middle-class – however delusional that seems now), I was brought up to believe that it was absolutely gauche to talk about money. Then as an adult, I had a short period of extreme poverty when I was with Bella’s dad and I discovered something: it’s okay to talk about money if you don’t have any. So it’s fascinating to me to see a wave of “poor” people (people in debt or people with a negative net worth) blogging about it. I think I make little enough to be okay with posting about my budget…

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