A New Look

Hmmm. I inadvertently changed my presentation theme to “Freshy” yesterday. I think I might sit with it a bit. I like that the “pages” are showcased along the top and also that I get to make my own image header. This theme allows you to pick any photo you want to use and then directs you to crop it. The flower photo I am using is was taken by my friend Ellen Steel. I like too, that the Duchamp quote shows; it’s always been in my preferences but that other theme, “Shocking Blue and Green” had no place to show it. Not having the date at the top changes the focus too. Without the date front and center, I don’t visually check to see if there is a daily post… maybe that moves my focus more to content – or at least more to the title of the post?

My school blog uses the theme, “Contempt,” which is supposed to have a professional feel.

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