It's getting close…

I spent the entire weekend going over every word of my draft with my friend Ellen. (Thank you Ellen!!) I’m thinking that it’s getting pretty close to being done. I’ve typed in all the changes to the first chapter/intro (which is 26 pages) and turned over the draft to another (extremely) literate friend, Caryn, for proofing.

I am in the process of typing in all the edits into the second chapter tonight.

If you have spare time and want to take a peek, here is that first chapter. I am open to comments and suggestions.


P.S. I’m calling this draft “everclear” after a project that my brother has been working on. Apparently big money people like to randomly name all their  projects. Everclear just makes me think of jello shots.

P.P.S. The new photo in my blog banner was taken by Ellen – heading west on Yucca Trail.

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