Say No To Plastic Bags

While I have long been an advocate of bringing my own grocery bags to the market, I decided to take on Tiffany’s March challenge and really count how many plastic bags I was letting creep into my life in one month’s time.

So far, just one. But I find that it’s not the grocery store that gets me; it’s when I go to the mall that I end up with enormous amounts of plastic packaging. I have not yet found a way to deal with my mall habit…

And yesterday I politely refused a plastic bag at the market and the sales clerk promptly stuffed the unused bag in the garbage! What a waste. At that point I wanted to ask for the plastic bag back, but I didn’t think it was worth the public ruckus.

If you already have an overpopulation problem with plastic bags, all the local thrift stores in the Morongo Valley happily accept plastic bag donations.

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