Major breakthrough

Bella: Mom, when we go to Laguna can we spend one day shopping?

Me (nonchalantly): Sure, but you know we’re going to Laguna over spring break to go house shopping, right? (pause) Do you want to come around and see all the fancy half-million dollar condos I’m going to be looking at?

Bella: Yeah okay.

Me (completely shocked, but staying cool): I heard that the Aliso Viejo High School is really good – lots of things they offer… That’s the area we’ll be looking.

Bella: what school? That sounds like the school my friend goes to. Maybe it’s the same one!

Me: Hey, if we find a house I want to take you and Dawkins to Seaworld – and we’ll get our hair cut too.

Bella (doing a little dance): Hurray, hurray, hurrray!

This – after six months of slammed doors and telling me, NO WAY AM I GOING TO MOVE. She had almost convinced me that she was going to go live with her dad…Of course now Dawkins’ mom wants to know if Dawkins can move in with us and go to what ever high school I find for Bella (!!!)

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