Spacey Mc Space

Just back from a second round of walking around the house aimlessly looking for that final draft I printed out a few hours ago. That’s right – I can’t find it. I just need to read through it one more time before I print out a good copy, but I cannot find the damn thing anywhere.

Perhaps it is because I have too many dang piles of papers, theses, and books laying about on every available surface. Chad made a little video of Giselle the other day and played it on the TV. I could only gape at the mess on the screen – whose house was that messy? My house? Needless to say, despite Giselle’s playful gambols, that video will not make it to youtube.

Or perhaps it is because I woke up at 3 am this morning to see Chad off to Laguna. He gets up that early to beat the traffic back.

Or maybe I can’t bear the thought of being done with the thesis. could that be it? WHERE ARE YOU THESIS?!

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