Thesis hokey pokey

I have a confession to make. I didn’t really finish my thesis the other day. I did really print out a final copy, and I did really bring the whole thing to the printer.

but then I panicked. I got a call from my friend Ellen, saying she had a few thoughts about my conclusion. I suddenly felt there was absolutely no way I could print out my thesis without talking to Ellen first.

Consequently, I rushed back to the printer and had them stop printing. They had already printed all the copies, but luckily they hadn’t started the binding process. Then I went back home and worked through no less than three more drafts of the conclusion.

It has been painful and sleepless, but now I can honestly say that I AM DONE. I bring the new conclusion to the printer tomorrow morning. I have contacted all my thesis committee members. I have addressed all the manila envelopes.

And I would go to bed except for all the caffeine zinging through my shoulder blades.

Here is the final, final, final draft of my thesis:

Intimacy in the Works of Janet Cardiff Including Collaborations with George Bures Miller

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