Wedding Dress Shopping

I was considering wearing the pale green dress I wore to my sister’s wedding for my own wedding, but I was also open to the idea of getting a new dress. Obviously, I am talking about a new party dress – not a real wedding gown, which I know easily runs into the thousands. I figure I can get a dress I like and can wear again for around $200.

The things I have to keep in mind, though, are that: one, my wedding is very informal (outdoors in Joshua Tree National Park); two, it will very, very hot in June; and three, I have two events I can shop for (wedding ceremony and reception are on different nights).

My mom was horrified to hear that I was planning on wearing an old dress for my wedding. After lots of Korean disgust sounds (sounds like guttural hissing) my mom insisted on paying for a new dress. Fine, I can live with that.

So,  last night while Bella and Dawkins traipsed around the Shops at Mission Viejo, I tried on several dozen dresses at Nordstrom’s, which is where I found the last dress I bought. Here are a few that I liked. Some I think would work to wear for both nights. I did try on a number of white dresses, but none of them made the final cut. I put the first two dresses on hold – but I think I will look around a little longer. (Besides, I enjoy trying on dresses!)

My favorite so far. This one could work for both nights.

  This would only be good for the reception – but I liked how light and frilly it was.

Same for this one; it would only be good for the reception.

And a cute dress by Donna Riccci for under $100.

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