What a Buzz Kill

My thesis passed, but apparently with a little reluctance:

“It is my pleasure to inform you that we have passed your thesis.
Congratulations. I am happy to see your writing improve; however, I do want to note that the committee still has some serious reservations about the depth and breadth of your research and analysis — both of which will need more work if you plan to continue in the field.”

I do plan on continuing in this field! Does this mean I won’t be able to ask for letters of recommendation? sigh. Being good at stuff just doesn’t come as easily as it did when I was young. I have to work so darn hard at everything these days. Although, I think that being any kind of writer might always be hard.

Bella and I celebrated by going out for sushi (which in Yucca Valley, might be considered a risky affair – but still beat out Pizza Hut).

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