Well, no wonder my mother kept going on and on about Sue and Joss living in the lap of luxury – because they do! Look at what’s on their front door:

It’s true. This is Joss and Sue’s front door. And if you stand at that front door and look across the hall, this is what you see:

Yes. That chair just outside that window is pool patio furniture. Their apartment (with FOUR full bathrooms) is four steps away from this gorgeous pool on the seventh floor:

I have been swimming 5-6 times since I have been here. It might as well be a private pool, because I have never seen another person using it besides myself, Joss, and Sue. Where are all the other tenants of this apartment building where Joss and Sue are King and Queen?

So, if you know Joss and Sue and they have invited you to come visit them in Bangkok? I suggest you do.

Clearly – no baby news yet. Just waiting, relaxing, and enjoying.

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