Best Noodles on the Soi

Oh boy, this noodle stand (with the yellow sign) makes incredibly delicious noodle soup. The little girl in the green shirt served us.

As soon as Joss ordered, the stand owner whipped out another folding metal table and two small plastic chairs; voila, instant sidewalk cafe – no matter that I was pressed up against an operating ATM, nobody else seemed to mind.

The soup had homemade noodles in a clear flavorful broth, steamed Chinese broccoli, thinly sliced roast pork, and for five baht extra you could get several shrimp dumplings. Sue had been taking a nap home, so we took hers to go – along with a platter of fried vegetable dumplings. We had planned on getting some duck too, but the duck lady had already run out of duck for the night.

Yum, a beautiful meal for less than a dollar. I wish I could have it right now, but the noodle stands mostly open up only in the evening.

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