No Baby Yet

This is unlike any trip I have ever taken.

It’s like a tough-love intervention, only I am not being rehabilitated for drugs, but for stress.

The first day I woke up all springy and did Bikram yoga and spent several hours doing work and wedding related things on the computer before Sue and Joss had even stirred out of bed. But now that the jetlag is mostly worn off (hardcore man, the jetlag has been hardcore), I am settling into a slower, more relaxed pace.

I sleep 9-10 hours every night; it’s like my body was completely sleep-deprived, and now it just wants to sleep and sleep. I wake up without an alarm and go for a swim. I eat a bagel and egg for breakfast. Joss usually makes some version of a mango shake for all of us. Then we all spend several hours with our respective computers or books (I’m thoroughly engrossed in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane) – before we make our afternoon plans.

Afternoon plans usually involve food – which will be another post in itself – and one Bangkok activity. Like yesterday we went to the flower market, and the day before we went to the aquarium. Each of these activities involve walking very slowly down to the BTS station (sky train). Sue insists that even her slow pregnant walking pace is faster than most Thais, and I’ve come to realize that she is telling the truth. People do not hurry and bustle about here. They walk slowly and leisurely – and they don’t work up a sweat, like I do. Besides which, the sidewalks are not wide, even, or friendly for strolling, but require serious agility and navigational skills. Each afternoon adventure also involves trying a new snack off the soi (coconut custard! coconut with sweet rice roasted inside a banana leaf!) and also, it involves investigating any market that touches our path, even tangentially.

Evenings mean another swim and more food. And then a nice long settle in front of the TV for an episode of Lost, or a tennis match; like last night’s charity match in Spain between Federera and Nadal – goofy match, btw, as each is a master on his own turf (grass and clay, respectively), the charity match was played on a court that was half grass and half clay. Very silly, but still entertaining to watch.

Did I forget to mention the massages? Massage parlors on every corner – I have had two great ones so far. The last one was two hours and cost me only $10.

I am going to be one seriously relaxed auntie by the time this baby arrives….

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