The Thais Love Their King

So much so that every Monday is dedicated as “National Wear Yellow If You Love Your King Day,” and they do. Every Monday, you can find whole bright yellow crowds of people coming and going in the streets. In fact Thais wear their yellow shirts every day of the week – and whole shops are dedicated to selling just yellow shirts.

They are also very defensive about their king: ten years in prison for defacing an image of the king. Ten years.

Last december, a drunk expat, a Swiss guy, in Chaing Mai unwisely defaced an image of the king and then even more idiotically, videotaped himself and posted the movie on youtube. Ten years. Luckily for Swiss guy, the king pardoned him. See how benevolent the king is?

Unluckily for the rest of Thailand, some other wise guy posted a copycat movie on youtube defacing another public image of the king. Result? No more youtube for Thailand.

That’s right: no youtube for the entire country of Thailand.

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