Little Butterfly

Songbae arrived last night – so now all the Lee kids are here to herald the new baby – and to have the newest family member imprint on the people who will be hovering over her for the rest of her life.

She is incredible. I emailed everybody a photo of her at six hours, and my dad said, “She’s beautiful. She looks like she’s six DAYS old.” We’re all stumbling over ourselves to give the highest praise to this absolutely perfect, completely new, delicately formed tiny human being.

Her name is Nabi Grace Dimock. “Nabi” means butterfly in Korean. Her Thai nickname is Noi Na, which means custard dumpling. That’s an appropriate name for this dollop of creamy goodness – I could eat her up with two or three bites.

I’m watching Sue and Joss fall deeply in love with her. We’re all caught in a buoyant, expanding wave of love; my heart has cracked open and love is spilling, spilling, and my heart is swelling, swelling. The little custard dumpling is creating more love in the world!

Here she is at two hours old.

Looks a lot like Bella did…

and then again at two days old.

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