The jetlag sabotaged my sleep today; I unwittingly fell asleep for three hours on the sofa and now I’m not tired.

Bella and I did get to watch the first half of a fun movie (on videotape! thanks Karen – I’ll get it back to you soon!) called Shag (1989). See, this is the kind of movie that I love watching with my kid; lots of dancing and relatively clean: a no-brainer. Even without having finished it, I would give it a B, but it only got a 5.2/10.0 at imdb. It’s fun too, to see actresses like Bridget Fonda and Phoebe Cates from almost twenty years ago.

Then when I was posting Mattias’ video, I came across this little 4-minute clip of the finals of a Lindy Hop competition. Each couple dances only for 20 seconds, so you really get to check out a variety of dancing styles. I had no idea that Lindy Hop had so much swagger and sass!


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