thar's posts in them thar piles!

See, it takes me a long time to clear away my junk, because each pile relates to some future post… I just need to figure out a better filing system, or spend time on the system I already have in place.

For example, here is the Spring Issue of Knit It! magazine (by Better Homes and Gardens). How can return it before I have made note of this very cool t-shirt?

A skull-and-crossbones with knitting needles! It’s from a fiber site called (but they don’t have very many products…)

Or this very cool fake-leather knitting bag at

And from Interweave Knits magazine, I learn that Mary Thomas’s Book of Knitting Patterns (Dover Publishing, 1943) is the indispensable stitch dictionary, according to Clara Parkes (who writes at, a weekly online mag). Finally, I had to make a copy of the Roza’s socks pattern – created by knit blogger, Kathy a.k.a.

Now I can return the magazines to my fellow knitter.

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