Money Talks

After months of tossing the idea around with friends, it looks like the Money Talks are finally going to happen.

One of my money friends already had one small meeting at her house, which I was unable to attend, but in the spirit of enthuasiatic participation, the next meeting will be at my house.

What shall I cook?

This is what I envision: a group of supportive, positive women pooling their intelligent know-how to help each individual woman in the group achieve a financial dream.

Because the topic is so sensitive and private, Caryn and I agreed that the group should be small and intimate: 5-6 women tops. Personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

I’d like to see the group start by generating group and personal goals first. And then setting smaller monthly goals: like beginning to track expenses, or creating a budget, or spending one hour researching green investments.

Each meeting will have a topic: the first topic is CREDIT CARDS. Each woman attending will bring information on her own card(s) and at least one other card. Most likely that info will include APRs, annual fees, perks, late payment policies, etc. It would be great if one or two of the women were compelled to do extra research – like find a website that compares credit cards or a consumer report on the subject.

Finally, the Money Talks will also involve a loose financial education, a la bookclub style. The first book will be Suze Orman’s Nine Steps to Financial Freedom. One woman in the group will do an amazon group order for the books in the next week, so that we can all get our copies at the meeting.

Too much?

I can’t tell you how hard it it is for me to not create an official agenda. sheesh, I think I need to spend less time in meetings.

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