You Know She's a Teenager When

She says stuff like:

“Mom, you’re not seriously dressing like that to go to the mall! Why do you have to dress so ridiculous? Just wear what you wore to work please.”

“Get some of those – you know – raspberries, but black.”

And she writes stuff like:

“hey mom
we picked up gizzele
shes loving it here
everyone loves her
her and aminee(docs cat) are best buddies
they have alot of fun  together
john adores her
they took a nap together and she loves him
so sues in labor
when are you coming back then?
call me soon
oh and you are going to owe me 30 bucks when you come back
15-for today (you didnt give me this sundays because you were planning
on being back)
15-for next sunday
dont forget
oh and spider man was so good
but all the hott guys die:(
and call her some time”

It’s like an e.e.cummings poem, but not so hott.

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