Some Classic Ones from Mom

“Congratulations Jeannie! tiny pause Look at your face: You’re getting married this week- you should be taking care of yourself and getting facials.”

“The gift bags are great! tiny pause But you should have had the wedding date imprinted on the picture.”

“You don’t have time to take pictures! tiny pause Hurry, go get the Louis Vuitton bag my sister got you – I want to see it.”

I know she loves me.

We got everything but the mattresses off the floor in anticipation of the professional rug cleaner coming tomorrow at 9 am. We will be long gone by then, as Sue has an appointment for a cut and color at Bruno and Soonie’s in Beverly Hills at 1 pm (I have an appointment to pick up one dozen Sprinkles cupcakes at the same time). We’ll be buying all the ribs for the Korean BBQ in L.A. as well. Another big day, before the actual BIG DAY.

But the house is practically packed!!!

This is me dancing a jig! Chad was a slave driver (silent-type) today, but it was worth it to get everything done.

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