Treasure Hunt

The day we arrived I received an email from Chad’s brother challenging Bella and Dawkins to a Washington D.C. treasure hunt. The first treasure hunt a year or so ago involved actions like taking a picture of “a large lady walking a small dog” (they didn’t get credit for that one because the lady was carrying her dog) and “taking a picture with a celebrity” (we were in Beverly Hills for the day and the girls took a picture with Priscilla Presley, but mistakenly called her ‘Liv Tayler’) and earned the girls a paltry 25 cents for each task completed.

The D.C. treasure hunt tasks involve less celebrity and fat lady hunting and more civil war and local history awareness, which perfectly matches the area we are in (Leesburg is not far – there are many confederate monuments in Virginia – and D.C. is a 1/2 hour drive away). We got three of the tasks accomplished in old town Alexandria, Virginia today. Here is the email in full:

“Pictures must be exactly as I specify or they won’t count. Each item is worth $1. If you get them all thats $5 each.


1) Picture of Dawkins at the US Grant memorial (its in front of the Capital)
2) Picture of Dawkins wearing 1 shoe in front of the Lincoln memorial
3) Picture of a bird sitting on any recognizable/famous Washington memorial

1) Picture of Bella giving a thumbs up in front of the Lincoln statue at the Lincoln memorial
2) Picture of Bella jumping with the Washington monument in the background
3) Picture of something related to the civil war (excluding the Lincoln or US Grant memorials)

Both Bella and Dawkins

1) Picture of both giving the “tiger 5” in front of a picture, sculpture or statue of a tiger (a lion is acceptable)
2) Picture of both of you with Songbae

Bonus: (1 for Dawkins and 1 for Bella)
1) Picture of any memorial/building/street with the name Madison or Jefferson
2) Picture of either or both standing in front of Fords theatre or the Smithsonian”

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