Corrina's Photo Scavenger Hunt

After Chad’s brother, and then my brother challenged Bella and Dawkins to a photo scavenger hunt, Corrina jumped in on the action:

“Okay here’s mine $1 each, and another $5 each if you get them all:

1. Bella holding Dawkins in the superman pose, in front of Jeannie’s parents’ condo.

2. Dawkins holding Bella in superman pose, same loc.

3. Bella doing a handstand with Jeannie spotting her, in front of a blue car.

4. Dawkins doing spirit fingers, with a stranger in the background (someone I don’t know).

We never got his name, but he was from Adelaide, Australia. We’re in line for Broadway tickets.

5. Dawkins riding piggy back on Bella wearing a cowboy hat.

This might be the only pic the girls did on their own.
6. Both of you with someone who looks like the president.

8. 2 pics: one of each of you doing a cartwheel in front of a protester (I had to put ONE that was at least a little bit hard).

9. Pic of both of you in front of a t-shirt or bumper sticker that’s PRO Bush. Bush’s name has to be in it.” Um, this was impossible in downtown D.C. and N.Y.C. – we may find something in Yucca Valley today, though!

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