All Hail the Lord of Catan

Things have started looking up – in fact, I’m realizing that my gloomy mood of late might well have had more to do with this mild, but persistent head cold I’ve had for the last two weeks, than my circumstances, because hey, I don’t go to work.

For the time being.

So, yesterday morning was spent looking at art (Mary Heilmann at OCMA) and the afternoon was spent snorkling from Tablerock to Thousand Steps Beach. Today was spent doing errands with my kid, making homemade pizza, and playing Catan (yes, playing Catan takes a third of a day); hardly a lifestyle I can complain about.

Chad’s brother and I were soundly thumped by the thirteen-year old – who, I might add, resorted to such devilry as asking me if I had wood to trade, and when I said yes, she whipped out her monopoly card! Geez. No more going easy on her.

All hail the ruler of Catan!

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