Songbae's Advice to a College Freshman

My niece-in-law is starting college this week; as she happens to be interested in Songbae’s field (international business), he sent her a few words of advice:

1. she should choose any major she’s interested in.

2. unless she wants to go to medical school, it doesn’t really matter what she studies

3. my goal at college was to make friends, have fun, broaden my experiences.  older and wiser now, i would add “learn” to that list.

4. if i went back to college, i would have been a history or english major because critical thinking and writing are probably the best skills you can learn that will always help.

5. no matter what she studies, in general, getting good grades in what she studies will matter more.

6. if she’s interested in international business as a topic, be an international business major.

7. is interested in international business as a future career, don’t be an international business major.

8. if she’s interested in something international, best thing is to either learn a language, focus on a region, live/study abroad.

9. if she’s interested in the business side, better to take straight accounting/finance classes.

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