Things I Love About Chad


  1. He’s a sweet kisser.
  2. He’s super-cuddly and whispers things to me.
  3. He takes good care of me.
  4. He’s so responsible that everybody around him trusts him.
  5. If he says something, he means it.
  6. He knows what he wants.
  7. He is hilarious.
  8. He lets me win.
  9. He brings home books he thinks I might like.
  10. He knows how to save money.
  11. He is steady and reliable.
  12. He has great taste in movies and music.
  13. He holds a lot of information.
  14. He reads long books.
  15. He’s smart.
  16. He’s a good writer.
  17. He’s fun to do stuff with.
  18. He’s really good at digging.
  19. He’ll never back down in a fight.
  20. He’s loyal.
  21. He loves his family.
  22. Kids like him.
  23. Animals like him too.
  24. He’s a hard worker.
  25. He’s determined.
  26. He likes to explore.
  27. He’ll jump the scariest jumps.
  28. He likes my cooking.
  29. He washes the dishes.
  30. He always carries the heavy bag.
  31. He always kisses me hello and good-bye.
  32. He takes me out for Korean food when I’m feeling grumpy.
  33. Sometimes it gives him a big laugh to scare the bejebus out of me.
  34. He’s ticklish.
  35. He smells good.
  36. He’s warm.
  37. I can trust him with anything.

Happy Birthday Honey!

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