Never-ending Heat

Poor, poor Giselle. I know that a dog in heat is not the same as a woman having her period, but still, I can’t help but making the analogy between the swollen body, constant need for physical reassurance, and overall lethargy (not to mention the dripping blood.)

Plus we’re carrying her around in her “rag,” to avoid embarrassing stains on the crotch area of our pants.

I’ve had dogs in the past – and I have a vague memory of one of our dogs wearing doggy “panty-liners,” but really, I didn’t remember what an ordeal a heat could be. And to think I have been entertaining ideas about letting Giselle have a set of Chorkies (Chihuahua + Yorkshire Terrier) or Pomchis (Chihuahua+Pomeranian) or even a little litter of Shihuahuas (Chihuahua+Shih tzu) or Chiltese (Chihuahua+Maltese). Alright, I made the last three up – but I swear I did meet a Bugg last month – Boston Terrier and Pug, and that was a great mix: a powerfully built, athletic snorting dog with beautiful, thick black fur.

Of course, I am really missing the boat with a Chihuahua – all the most popular mixes are part poodle for the dander-less factor. Cockapoos (Cocker Spaniel+ poodles) have been around so long, we forget they’re even a mixed breed, but have you seen the latest craze: Golden Doodles? or a Labradoodle?

We can’t handle even another heat like this one, which has lasted already fifteen days. I am investigating getting her spayed first thing tomorrow.

I may have to be satisfied with my first go at a mix: Korean + German.


Bella with her English+Korean mix cousin Nabi Grace.

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