You know you're in OC when…

You can pole dance for fitness. According to the magazine ad, “pole dance is now mainstream,” Oprah to Kate Hudson, apparently they’re all doing it! Read an article about it (or click the photo – it’s theirs).

Seriously, being fit in south California is the most time-consuming, obsessive recreational past time there is. Everybody does it. While it makes me feel harried about my own fitness regime, it is nice to have yoga be fully part of the local cultural awareness.


Looks fun, don’t it? This pole dance studio is right up the street from where I live, but being old-fashioned, I think I’d rather rollerskate, run, and yoga my way to fitness.

I added abigail the vet back to the blogroll (hover over the blogroll link to see directions on how to get into her site) after I saw her “You know you’re in California when…” post last week.

My favorite one:

“You’re sitting in a yoga pose when a 4.7 earthquake rolls the floor and your instructor calmly smiles and says ‘hello mama’.”

So true.

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