Songbae's 100 Things About Me

Songbae is my brother and for those of you who know my family, you know that he is known as the “crazy Lee” (Sue’s the “mean Lee” and I’m the “nice Lee”). Sue doesn’t look so mean, does she?

1. conceived in korea
2. born in Cleveland
3. was told I was afraid of grass as a baby
4. name on birth certificate is songbae
5. best friend was named david
6. when he moved, I told my parents I wanted to be called david
7. I have two sisters
8. one was conceived and born in korea
9. the other was born in Chicago
10. the older one used to beat me up
11. I used to beat up the younger one
12. then I had my growth spurt and beat both of them up
13. I feel bad about that now
14. one of my favorite childhood memories is playing flashlight tag
15. and catching fireflies
16. my favorite july 4th was the first time we got sparklers
17. favorite car we had was a blue VW bug
18. we also had a station wagon
19. I think my head got caught in the back window at least twice
20. I broke my leg the first time I went skiing
21. coming off the ski lift
22. once ran under a slide and hit my head
23. mom carried me to the hospital
24. they said I needed stitches so my mom took me home instead
25. loved the beach when I was in high school
26. now I love the mountains
27. crashed three cars before I got my driver’s license
28. voted worst driver senior year
29. was also voted class skipper
30. dad also said to travel alone to poor countries
31. “they may be poor in material wealth but are rich in cultural wealth”
32. at dinner, dad used to ask us things like “do you know what NASA stands for?”
33. mom used to make me read books aloud at the kitchen table before going out to play
34. we had Chinese food every Sunday after church
35. I’m not a big fan of Chinese food anymore
36. spend a summer picking apples on a kibbutz
37. looked into joining peace corps when graduating from college
38. wanted to go to former soviet union and they said I needed an MBA
39. sold encyclopedias in boston
40. ran marine corps marathon
41. planned a trip around the world
42. went through mexico, central America and asia
43. got tired of country hopping and taught English in Korea for one year
44. came back to DC and worked for an insurance company
45. got written up for coming in late too often
46. found next job at hotel company through classifieds
47. decided wanted to become an investment banker
48. my dad said go to grad school before my brain hardens
49. applied to two bschools
50. didn’t get into the one I wanted
51. applied to peace corps
52. Dad said I could help people after I retire
53. became a business development volunteer in Ukraine
54. was accused of being a spy
55. came back to US a year early
56. volunteered for a homeless resource center
57. applied to three bschools
58. didn’t get into the ones I wanted
59. got a job in microenterprise lending
60. first job I quit because I didn’t like my boss
61. became washingon director for an immigration advocacy organization
62. applied to 11 business schools
63. got into one I wanted
64. decided I didn’t want to do banking anymore
65. got to school and everyone was applying to banks
66. got an summer internship at a bank
67. got an offer
68. didn’t want to interview anymore so accepted
69. worked there for two years after graduation
70. got another banking job in SF
71. fit everything i took with me in my car
72. this was my third cross country trip
73. first one was a family trip in a camper
74. favorite stop was graceland

He’s still working on it – but it’s a good start, wouldn’t you say?

For those of you who haven’t seen my own 100 things list, you can read it here.

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