More Progress Towards Sumthin'

I had a moment of panic, or a couple weeks of contained crescendo-ing panic to be more accurate, when I did not hear back from about more writing work. I sent an email asking whether more work would soon be available (as I had been assured) and to my dismay I was promptly sent nearly the exact same form letter I had been sent initially: the one that said there were too many applicants, please send a practice press release so we can see if we’re a good match, blah, blah, blah.


Using my deepest yogic breathing I calmly wrote back and explained that I had already written a press release which had already been used by them, and wasn’t a check supposed to be on the way?

Oh yes, we remember you now. Sigh of relief. I’ve been assigned another press release gig; another one that can be posted on PR Web or Transmedia, or some other web public relations company. Funny, somebody got to my site today searching the terms “iloveinns” and “gift certificates” and “press release.” Do I mind helping out my competition? Nah, those poor bastards, like me, need all the help they can get. (Print out a bunch of recent press releases from the aforementioned companies if you need an example – like I did.)

This next bit of writing involves some email and phone interviews and seems an awful lot of work for fifty bucks; however, my boss-person suggested that I could use the same material to drum up a feature story for a retirement magazine, like AARP (Association of American Retired People – sounds like a made-up acronym, doesn’t it?). So I hustled my behind over to AARP Magazine and lo and behold, if they like my story idea, they will pay one dollar for every word I write. One dollar! Now that’s making some reasonable writing money for a feature story between 500-1000 words. So I will write this press release – and then my next writing goal is to get AARP to accept that idea for a feature article. Sounds within reach. The Writer’s Guidelines for AARP magazine can be read here. And even if it’s not within reach, AARP Magazine is advertised as the world’s largest circulation magazine, the important thing is that I don’t feel foolish reaching for the stars in front of retired folks. Anyway, I’ve always felt more comfortable around people older than me….

Fear is a big thing to overcome in the world of writing.

And more news: I got a job. It’s a part-time job as an in-house copy writer for an established web business, which is looking to launch at least three more web businesses over the next few months, or as soon as I can start cranking out the copy. I’d say more but I don’t know if it’s kosher to talk about business plans like that yet. What I can say is that I will be working for a German couple in the import business (the owner who interviewed me is a lawyer actually – and drinks lots of tea) – the office is small, but nice, in a corporate building just south of John Wayne Airport. My hours are flexible and I can work as much as I want, as long as I get at least twenty hours in a week. A new computer has been ordered for me, health insurance can start after three months, and there is potential for working at home in the future. It starts at $14/hour and can go up to $18. Not much – but I am excited to get in with people I like (so far) and to learn about web business from the inside.

A job! I’ve got some ironing to do this weekend…

I wore a crisp blue Brooks Brothers shirt to the interview that made me feel very professional. I think the shirt worked. It was great to be told, Hey I like you, you’re smart! and I appreciate all the thought you’ve already put into this. Maybe it was the double Lapsang souchang I drank on the drive up, but my mind was buzzzzzing and we had a hopping interview.

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