I'm not a handyman,

he says.

Sheesh! Anyway, we have discovered that he can do stuff as long as I find out how it’s done, or give very specific directions. So, today we have accomplished most of my “handyman” list: fixed the garbage disposal (great tip Gail! There was indeed a place for an allen wrench on the thing and we turned it and it started working!); broke down all boxes and stored them in the garage rafters; installed a magnetic knife strip and pot lid rack; made enough room in the garage so I can use my monstrous exercise machine (it could happen – although it hasn’t yet); got my stereo in my office set up; started making a worm box (that deserves its own post); installed my pull-up bar (I can’t actually do a pull-up – just like to hang on it and so does Bella); and went for an hour run.

The monstrous never-once-used exercise machine. 08-13-06_1230.jpg

08-13-06_1229.jpgMy car fits in the garage!
Now it’s time for sneaking Quizno’s subs into the movie theater. We’re going to watch Talladega Knights (6.7/10.0 imdb). (This time I’m taking the hit for the boyfriend.) I like last night’s movie though – A movie of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-5 (7.0/10.0 imdb). Not finished with it, but so I give it an A-. We also saw World Trade Center (7.2/10.0 imdb) and later listened to a friend tell me how much she was disappointed by it. I, on the other hand, gave it an A. Solid A. Yes, a little on the patriotic side, but that was the reality of that event – there was a strong sense of patriosm and heroism. The movie serves its function as a deeply moving memorial to losing 2,724 people. Only twenty people were pulled alive from the wreckage. There were piles of kleenex on the floor in the theater when we left. It is not a political or critical movie – and I think that is appropriate considering the subject matter.

Obviously, not getting much thesis work done – but Chad did bring me three ILLs (Inter-library Loans): Aural Cultures, Selected Survey of Radio Art in Canada, and Radio Rethink. I also got (finally) a copy of Relational Aesthetics in the mail. I don’t really like the way he writes (maybe because of the translation – in that case, get off my lazy butt and read it in French, right?), but I think I have to address what he has to say, all the same.


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