Womanly Ills and Thrills

Contrary to what one might believe, having my period on and off all month does not make me wish I didn’t have a uterus. It makes me worry about my uterus and its health. I worry that I will have a fibroid or some sort of irritation on the lining that will have to be removed. I worry that I won’t be able to have more children. What’s the best possible scenario in the doctor’s office? “Ms. Lee, I’m afraid if you want more children, you’ll have to get started right away.”

I don’t know why I used the word doctor, because my first line of defense is to see a midwife/nurse practitioner. Upon Corrina’s recommendation, I called up South Coast Midwifery to make an appointment for next week. Go to the site and you’ll understand my line of logic in this post. I went from grumpy and worried to crooning and sighing – over all the beautiful snapshots of birthing women ecstatically holding their newborns. I am excited to see this birthing center next week and to be around pregnant and new mothers – even in a time of my own potential unhealth.

I can’t help it; babies make me lunge and grin like a dope. I think I get it from my mother, who has been nicknamed Baby Snatcher around the new-ish Nabi Grace. She wears the title proudly.

Here’s Sue with the new-ish Nabi Grace. I want one! What’s harder is that Nabi looks just like Bella did at this age.

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