Macho Ram

Saturday’s hike to Willow Hole was highlighted by a magical Bighorn Sheep sighting that I have completely neglected to mention.

There were five of us in the Toyota Corolla, comfortably crammed and gently jostled by the short dirt ride to Barker’s Dam. Foreshadowing the intense discussions we ended up having all day long on the hike, our conversation had already strayed into deeper metaphysical waters: yogic training, subtle body, authors I had never heard of…

When suddenly Ellen, who was sitting in the back seat behind the driver, began pointing and making choking sounds, “Look, look!” she spluttered, pointing out her window.

Betsy, the driver, luckily immediately slowed down, because at that moment a magnificent bighorn ram burst into view and swerved directly in the front of the car and pounding the pavement, lunged across the road only inches in front of our moving vehicle.

Hold your arms in the largest circle you can make, and it would not begin to measure the incredible musculature of this ram’s ass. Not only was this guy’s behind the heft of a full 50-gal water drum, but both cheeks were swirly white fur, swirling in opposite directions. The sheer strength and force of his gallop could only be rivaled by enraged bulls I have seen at the rodeo. And his face! No dumb sheep eyes, but the fierce intensity of a buck in full season intent on survival. Graced by full ram’s horns on either side.

And I know you’ll think I’m exaggerating, but his horns were shining.

See real-life pictures of a bighorn ram taken by Corrina this summer here.

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