Thanksgiving Day Preparations

It’s that time of year when blog hits skyrocket because people are trolling the internet for recipes – and I’m part of that too; scrambling through my past posts to review last year’s recipes. I didn’t work today – just got out of bed and headed straight to the market to get those last minute things: oysters, cranberries, and coconut milk.

Rest of the day was spent intermittently cleaning, paying bills, cooking, and joining Chad at his work for an eating rehearsal (you know, practice for tomorrow). And we got our CSA basket today – what perfect timing. I was counting on that organic celery to come through.

I was impressed with how much cooking I got done in advance:

1. I brined the turkey. (See my old posts about brining here.)

2. I made the cranberry sauce.

3. Made two kinds of appetizer dips: salmon and artichoke.

4. Roasted the Sugar Pie pumpkin, chestnuts, and sweet potatoes.

5. Made iced tea.

6. Made a nice floral arrangement (not cooking, but anyway)

5. And cleaned out the fridge by making chicken broth from scratch, which I used for cauliflower soup. That’s what we had for dinner plus fresh CSA arugula and romaine salad and garlic toast.

Still have the pie and stuffing to make in the morning after the turkey goes in. But that’s not so bad. And the house is getting so clean it feels like we’re staying in a hotel! (Well, everything outside my office.)

This is what’s shaping up for tomorrow’s feast:

Honey-Brined Turkey

Cranberry Sauce

Oyster and Chestnut Stuffing

Traditional Stuffing

Mashed Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

Spinach Souffle

Green Beans

Green Jello

American Style Corn Casserole


Apple Crisp

Polynesian Pumpkin Pie 


Even the appetizers sound tantalizing: deviled eggs, salmon dip, hot artichoke dip, cheese  and crackers…

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