Thanksgiving Debrief

My folks are on a plane to India; we’re finishing off the rest of the oyster and chestnut stuffing, shopping for fake Christmas trees and making time for a couple more episodes of The Wire (toad you, we’re hooked).

Despite the fact that hosting your in-laws for the holidays is the stuff that nightmare-ish B movies are made of, our Thanksgiving was amazingly pleasant, calm, and enjoyable. This year was pretty much 100% about my husband’s side of the family, as my brother was in DC organizing and attending his 20th high school reunion, my parents’ were readying themselves for the aforementioned trip to India, and my sister and her family were, well, still hanging in Bangkok probably not celebrating Thanksgiving at all – that said, it makes me wonder how we all got together last year for Thanksgiving…

Our Thanksgiving table was loaded, and once again I thought we had prepared too much food, but once again, everybody’s ample appetites had the fridge pretty near cleared out by nightfall the day after. !! That, even though the turkey was dry and the oyster stuffing was overcooked. The sweet potatoes were a hit again, as were all the homemade desserts: a trifle, an apple crisp, and a (vegan) coconut pumpkin pie. I made a double batch of the cranberry sauce and even that will be gone by dinner today.

And I made it through the week stone sober – not even a drop of anything to enhance my mood. Good thing too, since I heard from the midwife and the ultrasound report came back completely normal; better than normal in fact: the baby has an excellent heartbeat. Woo-hoo! maybe s/he’ll be a runner.

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