My Boxing Day

Considering that I generally post daily, that I haven’t posted for a week reveals a lot about the amount of energy it takes to entertain family. But that is far from a complaint, I don’t remember the last time my mother and I had such an amicable, enjoyable holiday together.

Maybe we kept our voices down because of the little one in the bun, but I like to think that it was the glue and focus of preparing heaps of Korean food that kept us all so happy this holiday season.

We started (or better said, My mom started…  I was just the sous-chef) Friday night with Chinese-Style Steamed Tilapia; Saturday my dad treated us to Spicy Pork Ribs; Sunday was Winter Solstice Feast with Kalbi (Korean BBQ), Chap Chae (Noodles with Vegetables),  Fresh Fish Fritters, and various Ban Chan (vegetable side dishes), Monday night I made Spaghetti with Sausage and Spinach, and we had Tofu and Fish Soup on Christmas Day. All in all, my stomach is very very happy, which means that I am happy as well. My stomach and I, we have that kind of co-dependent relationship.

This morning I woke up alone: my parents had caught a 6 am flight to Scottsdale, Arizona (for more golf and socializing with other Korean doctors), Bella was in the desert visiting friends and her dad, my brother was off at girlfriend’s house, and my husband had gone to work. I had a lovely morning sleeping in with my toes snugly tucked under our little pup – and when I got out of bed, I was surprised that I was not relieved by the emptiness of the house – but maybe a little sad that everybody was gone already.

A cup of tea and toasted bagel and lox later, I was ready for my mid-morning nap. A call from Bella woke me up just in time for me to hop in my car and head down to the library to join Chad for his lunchtime walk. On the way home I dropped by Costco and had myself a leisurely shop, taking time to go down every single aisle and taste every single sample station. The Costco shop, an article in the New Yorker, and an assembled lasagna, is all I’ve accomplished today and it feels wonderful.

Oops, I hear my brother’s voice – and Donna’s and Chad’s too – everybody’s home! gtg…

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