Now That I'm Home,

what’s there to post?

And just to clarify, I had explicit permission from Chad to post the picture in the now-deleted post that was called, “Rainy Day Activity: Alpha-Sort.” After seeing the kinds of comments it was garnering and a light-hearted comment about the S.W.A.T. team bandied about the house, he changed his mind today and pulled it; i.e. doesn’t want words like “illegal” un-optimizing search engines back to us = attracting the wrong kind of attention I mean.

There’s actually plenty to post. I’m just still shorting out my available brain cells getting back in the groove of things.

And to end this complete ramble, here is a leftover picture from Bangkok that didn’t go with any particular post. Joss, Nabi Grace, and I were overtaken by a complete mass of school kids in uniform riding rented bicycles through the park near the Mo Chit BTS station. Although there was plenty of space in every direction, the kids were pretty much all riding within touching distance of eachother – giggling and talking as kids are wont.

At the very tail-end of the group was this one straggler bike. The girl was pedaling casually while her passenger, the only kid not in uniform, played his guitar and sang.

Sweet, no?

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