OC to SF by Car

So far nothing has quite gone according to plan, but all of us are slowly shifting into a more flexible traveling mode.

The trip up Friday (last night) went surprisingly well considering we were driving through and out LA between the traffic hours of 4-6 pm. We did however pass a standstill line-up over twenty miles long on the southbound 5 because of an accident that had closed all five lanes. Poor bastards.

We were entertained by some of Bella’s comments, “Mom! Did you know that we’re voting for a president right now?! And there’s a woman and black guy running?!?!”

And then I taught Bella a Bluth-style lesson at the Target (we stopped to buy an air mattress for Songbae.) She and Dawkins had gone in to the bathroom – when I came in I could clearly see Bella’s purse laying on the floor of the stall just by the door. It was practically begging to be stolen. So I did what was called for; I swooped in, grabbed the purse and ran. I ran to the other end of the stalls and was just closing the stall door when I caught sight of Bella flying out of her stall in hot pursuit. I laughed until I peed. Bella was so relieved to have her purse back that she overlooked my cruel-ish prank. She and I have traveled a lot together – and she’s even witnessed me getting pickpocketed – so she knows better than to leave her purse so easily snatch-able.

We did at least walk down to Union Square where the girls were duly impressed by the mega-shopping that awaited them. The Visitor Center had closed (at 3pm on Saturdays) however, so we left the girls to shop while we strolled through downtown to the Asian Art Museum where we were able to buy our week-long City Passes (available for purchase at any location they are used.) We also had excellent gyros on the way.

The girls turned in early (see below for why) and Chad and I made a few short trips out and about: a couple walks with Giselle and a couple trips to the nearby trader Joe’s. Our first trip to Trader Joe’s at 9 am we passed a dread-locked fellow smoking the stub of his joint on his front stoop. Waking and baking for the early worm stoner tourists, I suppose.

Unexpected change of events so far:

After we arrived and drove to Songbae’s garage to switch out cars, his car battery was dead and he had to borrow a AAA card at 1 am (possible only for somebody like Songbae).  While he was waiting for AAA, he went back to his office to continue working!

Then Saturday we made two trips to the airport because Songbae forgot his passport the first time – and then, he still missed his flight to Asia. (We forgive him – he left a $100 advance tab for us to use at the cafe downstairs in his building. And we’re loving his apartment!!)

Dawkins came down with a cold on the ride up.

Bella got sick Saturday night and puked massively three times.

Needless to say, there has been no dim sum in Chinatown, and relatively little San Fran exploration so far.

Today we’re adjusting and everybody feels better! This time though, Songbae is taking the BART to the airport and we’re about to take the girls on their first cable car ride.

Luckily just staying at Songbae’s place in North Beach is an experience.

Right around the corner from his place is the famous church where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married.

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