Chocolate and Cheese

Our trip is quickly coming to a close and it’s a pity because we’ve worked ourselves into a good rhythm, finally.

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, we let slip to the girls that Songbae had left a pre-paid tab at the great cafe downstairs (Caffe Sapore); this morning they were ready a half an hour in advance so they could go down and order Nutella and banana bagels.

The nutella was just the beginning of a day full of sweet melted things. Well, melted anyway. Chad was everybody’s Valentine and took us all out for fondue at a cafe on Columbus called Melt. We went for dinner early, sat in the sun, and delighted in dipping our grapes, apples, and crusty bread into the sharp cheese and rarebit. Then we strolled down to the wharf to have hot fudge sundaes at the Ghiradhelli shop before walking to the end of the spiral pier and gazing out at a night-time view of Alcatraz.

Considering that we had started the day by spending the morning at SFMoMA, it was an exceptionally good Valentine’s Day – my ongoing squabbles with my teenage daughter not withstanding.

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