Songbae Needs Twitter

Songbae’s been in Asia these last ten days for a wedding in Manila and a few side trips to see family and friends. He’s been entertaining us with his brief emails scatter shot to his family and colleagues from his Blackberry. The last flurry of texts were sent from the Singapore airport yesterday:

Sent: Thu Feb 14 21:32:31 2008
Guy in the wedding party last night passed out during dinner and they had to take him to the hospital.
The father of one of the bridesmaids is the head of the healthcare group at UBS.
The president of the Philippines is apparantely going to be sitting at my table at the reception.

Sent: Fri Feb 15 02:02:05 2008
Checked out the local real estate. Can buy a 2-bedroom for $55,000. 83% financing for 5 or 10 years at 15%-17%.

Sent: Sun Feb 17 02:32:33 2008
Arrived at a resort in the mountains. There’s a sign that says “bodyguards please check in with security”

Sent: Wed Feb 20 11:36:05 2008
Just landed in Singapore. Hope the Mcdonalds isn’t closed.

Sent: Wed Feb 20 11:58:55 2008
Fastest immigration/customs I’ve ever been through. The visitor center is pretty impressive, too. They give you free post cards like the ones with ads in the US but these you can mail anywhere in the world for free.

Mcdonalds is in another terminal. It’s after midnight but they said it’s 24 hours. I’m going to try to find a drink first to fortify myself.

Sent: Wed Feb 20 12:06:01 2008
Blasted! Found a place with beer but they won’t sell any after midnight. I should have bought something in duty free.

I’d better take it easy on the emails since my friend accidentally took my blackberry charger when I was in Manila so my current battery power has to last me the rest of my trip. Wow, only three of five bars left…

Sent: Wed Feb 20 12:26:08 2008
Headline: Singapore Big Mac gets A+

Give the Big mac an A+. Warm, right amount of secret sauce and buns in right order. Fries get a B-. Asked for fresh fries but the guy just took them out of the hopper.

Other Comments:
They have computers with free internet.
You squirt the kethcup out of dispensers onto small plates (versus small cups).
They also have “chilli sauce” dispensers.
Local menu items include corn cups, red bean “apple” pies, and apple dippers but they are out of their beef “prosperity” burgers.

Need to eat faster before naseau sets in and get bottle of water to dilute increased sodium content.

Sent: Wed Feb 20 12:34:30 2008
Apparently, Singapore is bidding for the 2010 youth olympic games:

“At McDonalds, we embody the Olympic values including Pride, Unity and Teamwork in everything we do, while delivering a memorable dining experience to every customer.”

I like the way on their nutritional charts they re-label “calories” as “energy”.

Ugh, I’m getting the mc-dizzies and can’t finish my fries.

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